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Setting Capacity Restrictions for Your Property
Setting Capacity Restrictions for Your Property

Learn how to set a limit on the number of people who can register and access your property at a given time.

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With Genea's Safe Workplace feature, you can set a limit on the number of people who can register and access your property at a given time. When you set a daily capacity limit, Genea tracks employee registrations for the day and aggregates the numbers to notify you when your workplace reaches or exceeds capacity.
To set up a capacity limit, follow the below steps:
1. Locate 'Capacity' under the 'Safe Workplace' > 'Check in Flow' menu.

2. By default, the capacity will be set to 'Unlimited.' To edit the default capacity, click 'Edit' and set the number. Once set, click 'Save.'

Capacity Limit Notifications
If you are a system administrator, you can configure your Genea system to notify yourself or others when your workplace reaches 100% capacity.
Notifications are currently available via email, however, you can also opt-in to these notifications via the Slack or Microsoft Teams integrations as well.

Follow the steps below to enable notifications via email.

How to Enable Capacity Email Notifications

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only system administrators will be able to configure system alerts. Front Desk, User Manager, and Security sub-admins will not have the ability to configure system alerts.

1) Click on the 'Alerts' tab within your Genea admin dashboard.


2) On the 'Alerts' page, scroll down to the 'Safe Workplace' section. You will be able to input which specific administrators or users should receive notification for 'When the workplace is at capacity.'


Saving Capacity Notification Preferences

As soon as a valid email address is an input into an event notification field, the change is saved automatically. You do not need to press a 'Save' button to put the notification preferences into effect.


  • Capacity limits are location-based and will always work along with a check-in flow. You will need to set the capacity and admin alerts per location.

  • Daily capacity is based on a 24-hour period from 12:00 am - 11:59 pm, location time.

  • If you do not want any restrictions on capacity, keep the value as 'Unlimited.'

  • If you want to use only the capacity tool for your workplace without setting up any check-in flow questions, this is possible. Users will instead need to click on the check-in button that will come with their registration card within the Genea Mobile Access app before visiting the premises every day.

  • When a user checks-in, the capacity count will increase by one seat, and when a user checks-out, the capacity count will decrease by one seat.

If you would like to learn more about Genea's Safe Workplace feature, please send inquiries to

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