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About Genea's Safe Workplace Feature
About Genea's Safe Workplace Feature

Empower your team to define registration flow, screening checkpoints & capacity limits to allow only screened employees to enter the office.

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Coronavirus made working from home the norm for many of us, however, some businesses have begun to gradually return to their offices. As people across the world ease back into what was once normal, many remain concerned about potential Covid outbreaks at work, massive shutdowns, company policies to avoid virus exposure, among other issues. While the idea of returning to work in person may sound nerve-wracking, Genea provides configuration features that immediately suspend user access automatically until he/she goes through screening criteria.

With Genea's Safe Workplace you can implement procedures to try to limit virus exposure in order to help keep your office as safe and healthy as possible. You can ease return-to-office worries through daily employee registrations, screening checkpoints, capacity limits, and more!

The Safe Workplace features include:

1. Employee Check-in Registration Flow:

This feature allows you to define a check-in registration flow to ensure only screened users can gain access to your property each day. At the end of the day, the system will automatically suspend user access until users run through the registration flow again the next day.

You can customize your check-in registration flow by creating a questionnaire based upon local health and safety requirements, and you can further associate your questions with Smart Rules. With Smart Rules, your system will be able to determine if user access should be granted or denied based upon the responses each individual user submits. You can also set a daily registration window to determine when your users can reserve their spots at your property.

In order to use Check-In Registration, users will need to check-in using the Genea Mobile Access App before visiting the office every day.

2. Badge Activation Points:

This feature allows you to determine through which entry-point users must enter the property each day. It is handy if your office utilizes manual temperature or screening checks.

When you've enabled a Badge Activation Point, users must first scan their credential at the given point before their keys will be activated for unrestricted access for the remainder of the day. If the user tries to gain access through an entry that is not a Badge Activation Point, their credentials will be denied access.

3. Capacity Management :

You can set a limit on the number of people who can register and access your property on any given day. When you set a daily capacity limit, Genea tracks employee registrations for the day and aggregates the numbers to notify you when you've reached 100% capacity.

If you would like to learn more about Genea's Safe Workplace feature, please send inquiries to

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