When the administrator enables the check-in flow and sets a registration window, users are able to see the registration card(s) with different statuses at different times.

Registration cards with different statutes:

1. On your Genea Mobile App > Keychain page, you will be able to see registration cards of Safe Workplace. You can check in by selecting the location and date of the visit.

2. Approved and Denied entry statuses

3. Capacity reached: If your workplace reaches the capacity set by the administrator, then the system will not allow more members to check-in. Under such a condition, your card will show a capacity reached message.

4. Registration is closed: If you do not register within the check-in window, the system will not allow you to check-in anymore and the card will show a registration closed message after the check-in window closes.

5. Registration is not yet opened: This status will appear on your registration card before the check-in window opens for the day.

6. Checked-out: When you leave the office, open the Genea mobile app and click on "Check-out".

7. Request sent for approval: For any emergency accesses, you can send a request to the admin from any of the blocked states, viz, access denied, capacity reached, registration closed after checking out. When the admins receive your request, they can approve the access.

You will get a notification when your request is approved by the admin.

If you would like to learn more about Genea's Safe Workplace feature, please send inquiries to acsupport@getgenea.com.

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