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Setting up the check-in flow for employee registration
Setting up the check-in flow for employee registration

Allow only screened employees to enter the premises by setting screening criteria.

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Enabling a check-in flow for employees will ensure only screened users will get to enter the premises every day and at the end of the day, the system will revoke access from their credentials.

You can customize the flow by adding questionnaire based on local health and safety requirements and further associate them with smart rules to be able to make decisions if access should be permitted to the users or not, based on the responses a user submits. You can set a daily registration window when your users can reserve their spots at the premises.

Please note that to be able to use this feature, your users will now need to check in using Genea Mobile Access before visiting the premises every day.

Users can get access to Genea Mobile Access by any of the following ways:

1. If a user is new on the Genea platform and has been issued a mobile key, then it will be required to first create a Genea account, for which an email ID is compulsory for the user profile. Once, the account is created, the user will be able to log into the Genea app
2. If your workplace utilizes Single Sign-On (SSO), then users can log into the Genea app using their company email and password.

Once enabled, users will be able to reserve their spots starting the next day onward.
For example: If you are enabling the feature on 1st January 2021, users' location access will be revoked at 12 AM location time, on 2nd January 2021. Depending on the registration window, users will be able to reserve their spots for 2nd January and once they successfully register, their access will be restored.

To enable the check-in flow, proceed with the below steps:

1. Navigate to Safe workplace > Settings in your admin dashboard.

2. Under "Safe Workplace Settings", enable the "Check-in Flow".

3. Read the instructions carefully before confirming to enable the flow. Click Enable.

Note: Please note that for security reasons we do not revoke access of users immediately when check-in flow is enabled. Rather the feature becomes effective only with the next cycle, which is 12 AM the next day.

However, the daily registration window will apply immediately and users can start reserving their spots for the next working day.

More information on the Daily Check-in Window.

4. Depending upon the data privacy policy at your workplace, you can either allow or disallow to save the responses to the questionnaire that your users submit. If the flag "Save user responses to the check-in questions" is set to ON, then you will be able to see the answers to the check-in flow questions under the reservation dashboard.

Note: If the flag for data saving is set to OFF, then the users' responses to the check-in flow questionnaire will not be viewable by any admins or sub-admins. Genea will not store the responses.

Now that you have enabled the "Check-in" flow for employee registration, go ahead and manage the check-in flow.

You can also exempt certain access groups from the safe workplace flow. More on how to exempt access groups from the flow is here.

If you would like to learn more about Genea's Safe Workplace feature, please send inquiries to

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