Once the administrator enables check-in flow for the users, they will now need to check in using Genea Mobile Access before visiting the premises.

Users can get access to Genea Mobile Access in any of the following ways:

1. If a user is new on the Genea platform and has been issued a mobile key, then it will be required to first create a Genea account, for which an email ID is compulsory for the user profile. Once, the account is created, the user will be able to log into the Genea app

2. If your workplace utilizes Single Sign-On (SSO), then users can log into the Genea app using their company email and password.

Employee registration via Genea Mobile Access:

Based on the check-in window set by the administrator, users can either register for the same day or for the next day.

Registering for the same day:

1. Open the Genea Mobile Access app.

2. Make sure you are in the "Keychain" tab.

3. You will be able to see a Safe Workplace registration card.

4. Click Reserve your spot on the card.

5. Select the location for which you want to reserve the spot. Click Next.

6. Select the date of reservation. Click Next.

7. Log your answers to the questions coming on the screen and click "Next".

Entry approved or Denied:

Registering for the next day:

When your admin sets the registration window to open the "Day before", then you will be able to see two dates per location. One for the current day and another for the next day.

For example, in the below example, there are two registration cards available in the location, one for 23rd June (Today) and another for 24th June (Tomorrow).

Your current reservations:

Once you have registered through the safe workplace flow or made a request to your admins for granting access to your property, you can see the status of your reservations under "Current Reservations" on your Safe Workplace registration card.

Learn more on different statues of registration here.

If you would like to learn more about Genea's Safe Workplace feature, please send inquiries to acsupport@getgenea.com.

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