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Setting up the badge activation entrances
Setting up the badge activation entrances

Suspend user access automatically until they go through screening entrances.

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Enabling this feature ensures to revoke access of users until he/she goes through a screening entrance. Once enabled, users will have to pass through the badge activation entrances first, to be able to gain unrestricted access for the day.

1. Navigate to Safe workplace > Settings in your admin dashboard.

2. Under "Safe Workplace Settings", enable the "Badge Activation".

3. Read the instructions carefully before confirming to enable the flow. Click Enable.

Note: Please note that for security reasons we do not revoke access of users immediately when the badge activation is enabled. Rather the feature becomes effective only with the next cycle, which is 12 AM the next day.

For example: If you are enabling the feature on 1st January 2021, users' location access will be revoked at 12 AM location time, on 2nd January 2021. On 2nd January, when the users arrive at the workplace, will have to pass through one of the defined checkpoint entrances, to be able to gain unrestricted access for the day.

Now that you have enabled the badge activation feature, all users will be suspended nightly.

4. Let's add doors for badge activation where users' credentials will be restored for the day when they swipe their credentials at the badge activation doors. This means that all of their configured permissions will be restored for normal use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure to add doors after enabling the Badge Activation feature, to which users' can swipe their credentials to get access for the day.

You can also exempt certain access groups from the safe workplace flow. More on how to exempt access groups from the flow is here.

If you would like to learn more about Genea's Safe Workplace feature, please send inquiries to

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