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How to exempt employees from Safe Workplace flow
How to exempt employees from Safe Workplace flow

Exclude access groups from check-in flow and (or) badge activation.

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There may be certain employees that you would like to exclude from the safe workplace flow. Let say, you have an access group for whom you do not want the access status to get suspended or changed at all daily, ensure that those employees are in an access group and those groups can be added under Safe Workplace exemption. Employees under exempted access groups will not be suspended. In the case of employees having multiple access groups, they will be exempted from Safe Workplace flow if at least one access group is under the exemption.
Follow the steps below to exclude access groups from the Safe workplace flow:

1. Navigate to Safe workplace > Settings in your admin dashboard.


2. Under "Exempt Access", add the access groups that you want to exclude from safe workplace flow.


1. When any access group is added to the exemption, access rights are restored for all members in the groups immediately.

2. However, when any access group is removed from the exemption, for security reasons we do not revoke access of users immediately. Rather the features become effective only with the next cycle, which is 12 AM the next day.

For example, if you are removing a group from an exemption on 1st January 2021, it will come into effect from 12 AM location time, on 2nd January 2021.

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