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Mobile Device Management Settings
Mobile Device Management Settings

Learn to centrally manage Genea Mobile Access settings for your users.

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Mobile device management (MDM) is a security feature that allows admins to govern mobile app settings for all users. It provides centralized management and configuration of users' settings for Genea Mobile Access. Admins can use the mobile management policy to set mobile access settings for users in their organizations, including access modes, access preferences, and app-specific applications.

The goal of central management of mobile devices is to allow admins to centrally control and apply a standardized mobile access policy for all their users, with just a few clicks. Updated settings populate themselves across all devices on the application network, which contributes to seamless support.

Setup Mobile Device Management

1. Navigate to the Settings > Security tab from the location view if using HID VertX hardware or Settings from the global overview, if using HID Mercury hardware.

2. Click "Enable" to start managing mobile devices for your users centrally.

3. Initially, all the available settings related to access modes and app-specific applications remain enabled for mobile users.

4. To restrict users from using any of the listed settings, click on "Edit", toggle the button next to the non-allowable settings. Once disabled, the toggle button will be grey. When all changes are done, click "Save" to apply the changes.

MDM Settings:

1. Allowing App-Specific Applications:

This entrance opening mode is specific to an application, such as opening doors with a widget, either from a mobile device or a wearable (smartwatch). As an example, when the Genea Mobile Access app is downloaded from the app store the Genea Mobile Access widget can be accessed from the widget menu to open a door.

When enabled, it allows users to get access to the doors with an In-app unlock button, Genea Widget, and Apple Watch.

1. For seamless access with app-specific applications, users may require to permit Location and Bluetooth permissions to Genea app. Genea does NOT track user location. Genea uses a location geofence to wake the app when users are within the range of supported doors.

2. Primarily, the app-specific mode should be enabled on your readers for you to be able to manage it from the admin dashboards.

2. Mobile Access Modes:

There are three modes available to gain access to doors with Genea Mobile App on iOS or Android devices:

  • Always Mode: Enabling this mode will ensure the app is available for the users all the time. This will allow users to use their mobile keys when the Genea app is running in the foreground, background, or even when your device is locked. It requires the user to permit "Allow all the time" location permissions to Genea app.

  • Phone device is unlocked: This mode allows doors to be opened only when the mobile device of the user is unlocked. It requires the user to permit "Allow all the time" location permissions to Genea app.

  • The app is in the foreground: This mode allows doors to be opened when the app is on the screen. It requires the user to permit "Allow only while using the app or Allow all the time" location permissions to Genea app.

The next time users in your application network open the Genea app will receive the new settings from MDM and access modes will function as set centrally from the dashboard.

Mobile users will be notified wherever required when an updated policy gets rolled out.

The in-app settings within Genea mobile access for users will be restricted as per MDM settings.

Disable Mobile Device Management:

To disable the MDM from your application network, simply click on "Disable" Mobile Device Management under Settings > Security from your admin dashboard.

Once the policy is disabled, users will be able to set unrestricted mobile access configurations as per their preferences from the in-app configuration settings.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other requests, please reach out to

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