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Learn how to get an emergency access from your workplace administrator.

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With the workplace utilizing Genea's Safe Workplace feature, users can send a request to their admins from any of the blocked states, viz, access denied, capacity reached, registration closed after checking out. When the admins receive the requests, they can approve the access.

How can users request access from the administrators?

1. Open the Genea Mobile Access app.

2. Make sure you are in the "Keychain" tab.

3. You will be able to see the Safe workplace registration card with the "Reserve your spot" option.

5. Select the location and date for which you want to reserve a spot at your workplace.

4. Click on "Request Access".

5. Enter a reason for requesting this access. The administrator will be able to read the reason the user mentions in the request.

6. Once the request is sent, the registration card status will change to "Request sent for approval".

How can admins process users' access requests?
Depending on the methods of notifications configured, admins can be notified of the request through email, Slack, or MS Teams.

Admins will also be able to see the request list under Safe workplace > Reservations from Genea admin dashboard.

  • You can also view the request note that the user has left under the "Request Note" column.

  • Locate the request you wish to approve in the Reservations list and click on "Grant Access".

Grant Access notification for users:

Users will get a mobile push notification when their request is approved by the admin.

If you would like to learn more about Genea's Safe Workplace feature, please send inquiries to

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