Mobile Device & OS Requirements
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In order to receive the latest Genea Submeter Billing mobile app feature updates, please note the mobile operating system requirements that we test against. Although our mobile app can work with operating systems and devices not listed below, in those cases we cannot guarantee a high standard of quality, nor can we provide adequate support in case of any issues.

Supported Mobile Operating Systems

  • Apple iOS 13.0 and above

  • Google Android 7.0 (Nougat) and above

Supported Mobile Devices

iOS Devices

Apple Inc. controls the availability of iOS 13 across their device offering. Please find the list of iOS 13 compatible devices, as well as instructions how to upgrade on Apple Support portal.

Please note that the most recent Apple devices come with the latest iOS version. To view the latest iOS release details, upgrade availability, and supported features, please visit

Android Devices

Unlike Apple iOS, Android operating systems generally run on devices from a multitude of various manufacturers. We do not test our mobile app against all the possible combinations of devices and operating systems.

Following is the list of Android-powered devices that we test against and recommend for optimal app performance:

  • Google Pixel 4

  • Samsung M30

  • Samsung S9+

  • Samsung S10+

  • Samsung S20

  • Motorola G9

  • Oppo A52

Feel free to reach out to Genea support with any questions or comments regarding the supported devices and our testing process

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