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Genea Mobile App - iPhone User Guide
Genea Mobile App - iPhone User Guide

Learn how to use the GeneaApp on iOS devices, and how to improve your app reliability.

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The Genea mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. If you use an iOS device, review the following information to learn how to use your Genea mobile key, and how to improve app reliability. 

How to Use Your Genea Mobile Key

Genea offers two types of keys to users, which can be used based on the different configurations of the readers.

  • App Based Keys

  • Apple Wallet-Based Keys aka Wallet Pass: How to use Apple Wallet Keys if provided in the link here.

App Based Keys

There are five ways iOS users can use their Genea mobile app to unlock gates and doors around their offices or communities.

IMPORTANT: For seamless access, Genea recommends enabling 'Bluetooth' for the Genea app and setting your 'Locations' to 'Always' under the 'Settings' app on your iPhone. These settings will allow you to use your mobile key while the Genea app is running in the background on your phone. If Bluetooth is disabled and Locations are only partially or fully disabled, you will need to sometimes or always open the Genea app on your phone to use your key.

BLUETOOTH: Genea also requires permission to use Bluetooth. To check to see if your Bluetooth permissions are enabled, navigate to the 'Settings' app on your iPhone > 'Privacy' > 'Bluetooth.' Make sure that permission is granted for the Genea app.

LOCATIONS: For best app performance, enable Locations 'Always.' Genea does NOT track user location. Genear uses a location geofence to wake your app when you are within range of supported doors.

Unlock Method #1: Tap to Unlock

Tap functionality works similarly to how an access card is used - by physically touching your mobile device to the reader. 

Unlock Method #2: Twist to Unlock

Twist & Go functionality is only available on readers that have been configured to accept this unlock method. Reader configuration can be confirmed by your office or community administrator(s). 

To use the Twist & Go feature, twist your device within 6 feet (2 meters) from the reader. The motion is similar to turning a doorknob. 

Please, confirm that Twist & Go has been set to ON under the 'Settings' tab in your Genea app. 

Unlock Method #3: In-App Unlock Button 

Located in the bottom right-hand corner of the Genea mobile app is a round blue button with a key in its center. This button can be pressed when within proximity of a Genea-enabled reader to unlock a door or gate.

Unlock Method #4: Widget in the Today View

The Genea widget can be added to your iPhone 'Today View.' Once enabled, you can press the widget button when within proximity of a Genea-enabled reader to unlock a door or gate. 

To learn how to enable and use the Genea widget on your iPhone, click here.

Unlock Method #5: Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can use the Genea app on your watch in conjunction with the Genea app on your iPhone to unlock doors or gates at your property. Simply install the Genea app onto your Apple Watch via the Watch app on your smartphone. IMPORTANT: Always make sure that your iPhone is in the Watch visibility and that Genea is running in the background on the phone. The Genea Apple Watch app will only grant access when used in conjunction with the Genea iOS smartphone app.

Having trouble using your mobile key?

If you're running into issues with your mobile key not performing reliably, please verify the following:

1) You're logged into your Genea mobile key app account, and there is a valid mobile key in your app keychain. If no mobile key is present, please reach out to one of your office or community administrators to request a new key.

2) Check your in-app 'Access Mode' configuration settings. Based on your preference, you can set the access mode to one of the following:

  • Always Mode: Enabling this mode will ensure the app is available for the users all the time. This will allow users to use their mobile keys when the Genea app is running in the foreground or background, or even when your device is locked.

  • When the phone is unlocked: This mode allows doors to be opened only when the mobile device of the user is unlocked.

  • When the app is open: This mode allows doors to be opened when the app is on the screen.

3) Ensure that the reader you're attempting to use is enabled for Genea mobile key usage. A system administrator should be able to verify if your office or community readers are enabled for Genea mobile key use.

If you have any questions and would like assistance with your Genea mobile key, please reach out to Genea Support at 

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