Before you use QR codes as a credential in Genea Visitor Management System, you must configure your Qscan devices to support the QR code custom card format used in Genea. A QR code can then be used as a credential to access parking entrances, turnstiles, or gated facilities for your visitors.

1. To reset to factory default settings, scan the qscan resetbarcode.pdf barcode.

NOTE: The Qscan reader beeps twice if the factory reset is successful.

2. Next, scan the hex mode barcode, qscan hexmode.png

3. To output 40-bits scan the barcodes, qscan 40 bit all id np.png

Note: The QR code that Genea generates for visitors at the end of check-in flow is in hexadecimal format, so it requires configuring the reader to that mode.

If you need assistance setting up your reader, or if you have any questions, please reach out to Genea Support Team at

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