Configure the Onboarding Emails

Learn about how to customize the on-boarding emails.

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We ensure users are notified with the right information at the right time when you onboard them to your Genea system. By default, all onboarding emails that are sent to the users come in a pre-defined default email template. However, Genea provides you the ability to edit your preferred experience in a way to build your brand right into the template itself – your colors, logo, and design aesthetic live within the template. The result is a positive, consistent brand experience that your users want to interact with and which means that it will look like it came from you.

Customizing the email templates:

Navigate to the 'Email Templates' from your admin dashboard.

You can see the list of onboarding emails that are available for customization.

Onboarding email template list:

Currently, the following email templates are available for customizations:

a. When a mobile key is assigned to an existing user

b. New mobile registration for SSO user

c. New mobile registration for non-SSO user

d. Resetting the password

e. Admin signup email for non-SSO user

f. Admin registration for SSO user

g. When PIN access is assigned to a user

Genea's default template

Initially, every email will have "Genea's default template" as the active type.

1. To view the default template, click on Actions > View Template.

2. For fallback reasons, Genea doesn't allow editing the default email templates. For editing, custom templates need to be used.

The "Test mail" option attempts to send the active email template to the logged-in user's email address.

Custom email template

To use a customized template for a specific email, click Actions > Use custom template.

Genea provides sample templates that are predesigned and ready for customizing. You can replace the content with your preference such as your business logo, email body, signature or even replace the whole look and feel of the sample templates.

With custom templates, you have complete control over the way that you create and edit each onboarding email, thanks to Genea's code editor experience.

About the code editor:

Genea's Code Editor is perfect for admins who are importing, creating, or editing custom HTMLs. It offers a robust environment to upload images, backed by a feature-packed editor – complete with the preview screen, scroll-syncing, syntax highlighting, and more.

Using the code editor:

Click on "Code editor" to start modifying any sample custom template.

Write your code over the editor space.

About the template variables:

The code editor ensures error flagging when mandatory variables are missing in the templates. There are certain variables that are mandatory for the different onboarding templates and it is important to add them to the email content to ensure correct information is delivered to the users. You can customize the variables as well, but you cannot change their IDs. Unless the required variables are added to the templates, they cannot be saved

You can insert the variable in the email template from the "Select variable" option. The required variables are marked asterisk (*️). If you have already used the required variable in the template, then you can see a tick mark (✔️) against the variable.

Activating the custom email template:

Once you are satisfied with your custom HTML code, you will need to "Save Email Template" to make it active.

Once the custom template is active, users will receive the emails in the set format.

Changing the email subject

For changing the email subject click on Actions > Edit Email Subject from the list view of templates.

Enter the new subject and hit save.

If you have any questions about this feature or have any other feature requests, please reach out to

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