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How to provide temporary access to a user for a time limit?
How to provide temporary access to a user for a time limit?

Learn how to add access group for a limited time to a user

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Temporary access groups allows admin to provide user access to selected access group for limited time. Once the set time is completed, the access is removed automatically. This can be used when you may like to give access to a user for training room or conference room only for a certain date and time.

Note :

  • Temporary access can only be provided to the locations added for the user.

  • Minimum interval between activation and expiration can not be less than 15 minutes. If you need to provide quick access, use quick grant.

  • The maximum range can be 90 days.

Navigate to the user profile detail page from users or key page to provide temporary access to any user. Follow the below steps to understand the temporary access management -

a. Scroll down to reach the Temporary Access area in the user detail page

b. Click on the "New" button as shown in the below image

c. You will now see the add temporary access popup as shown in the below image

The location dropdown will only display the list of location added for the user. (If you desire to add a new location then close the popup and click on New button on the Location table above.)

d. Fill the required information and click save

e. You can now see the new entry in the temporary access area. Click on the action to edit or delete the entry

The temporary access group have four states :

  1. Scheduled - The access group will be activated when it matches the activation date in the future.

  2. Active - The access group is now activated. Only limited components can now be edited or changed.

  3. Suspend - The location access is suspended for the user.

  4. Expired - The access is now expired. This will not be listed in the table and can be reviewed in the activity page.

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