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Why is my mobile key not unlocking the door?
Why is my mobile key not unlocking the door?

If your smartphone is failing to unlock doors or gates, try the following methods to see if they alleviate the problem.

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Genea utilizes a phone's operating system and hardware components to securely transfer encrypted packets of data and unlock doors. If your phone is no longer unlocking your property doors or gates, consider the following steps:

1. Phone Changes:

Have you recently acquired a new phone, reset your phone, or deleted the Genea app from your phone? For security reasons, Genea's mobile keys are not transferrable between phones. They are automatically deactivated if the Genea app is removed. If this is the reason your key isn't working, request a new mobile key from your office or community administrator.

2. App Relaunch:

If you haven't changed phones or deleted the app, try closing and reopening the Genea app. Sometimes, a phone's operating system shuts off unused applications. Relaunch the app to check if it works.

3. Restart Phone:

If reopening the app doesn't help, restart your smartphone. Once it's restarted, reopen the Genea app and test if your mobile key grants access.

4. Check App Permissions:

If restarting doesn't solve the issue, ensure you've granted proper permissions to the Genea app. Permission settings differ for iPhones and Android smartphones.

5. Apple Wallet Integration:

Genea app offers the option to add mobile keys to the Apple Wallet for iPhone users. If you don't see the "Add to Wallet" option on the home screen, your organization might not have enabled the Apple Wallet feature for you. Contact your administrator for assistance.

6. Suspended Mobile Key:

If you've added an active mobile key to Apple Wallet following the provided steps and are still unable to unlock doors, your mobile key (Apple Wallet pass) might be suspended. Contact your organization's administrator to resolve the issue or reactivate the keys for you.

Following these steps should help you troubleshoot and resolve any issues you're facing with your Genea mobile key.

iPhone Genea App Settings

For more information on iPhone app use and settings, click here.

For iPhones, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled, your location services are enabled, and you’ve downloaded the most recent Genea app version. 

Android Genea App Settings

For more information on Android app settings, click here.

5) If your key is still not working, check your app’s keychain to make sure you still have a mobile key. If it says you do not have any mobile keys, request that your office or community administrator issue you a new mobile key. 

If everything above fails to alleviate the problem you are facing, please contact for assistance. 

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