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How do I add new tenants to my Genea system?
How do I add new tenants to my Genea system?

If you oversee a building with multiple tenants, you may need to add new tenants to your system as occupants come and go.

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If you oversee a building, you will likely have tenants come and go over time. You will want to update the tenants within your Genea portal to accommodate your changing clientele. To add new tenants to your system, follow the steps below.

1) Navigate to the 'Tenants' page within your Genea admin dashboard, and click the '+ New' button.

2) Fill out the tenant information and press the 'Save' button. Once saved, you may begin adding users to the tenant profile.

Tenant self-service via Tenant Portals

Creating the tenant portal as described above will allow you to segment credentials by tenant, but it will not allow your tenants access to a portal where they can manage their own users. To enable Tenant Portals for your tenants and provide them with self-service capabilities, please reach out to our team for help via live chat or via and we will help you set up tenant portals and their administrators.

Need to delete a tenant? 

If you ever need to delete a tenant, please reach out to Genea Support at for assistance.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to Genea Support at

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