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Assigning Users to Work Departments
Assigning Users to Work Departments

Learn how to assign or edit user work departments.

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When adding users to your Genea system, you can assign them to their work department. This user attribute is optional but it can be particularly useful for user filtering and reporting needs. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your company utilizes a directory integration, departments can be automatically imported to new user accounts. Departments will not be added to existing users in your system. If you would like help assigning work departments to existing users, please contact for assistance.

How to Assign a User's Work Department

If you utilize a directory service integration, such as Okta or G Suite, depending upon the rules you've created, the user's work department can automatically be pulled and applied to newly created user accounts.

If your workplace does not utilize a directory integration, no worries. You can still assign your users to their work departments. When adding a new user to your Genea access control system, you will have the option to add the user's department. Simply input the data, then click the 'Save' button to create the user.

How to Edit a User's Work Department

Need to change a user's assigned department? No problem! You can do it. To change a given user's work department, follow the steps below.

1) Navigate to the user's profile.

2) Within the user's profile, click the 'Edit' button under the User Profile section.

3. Within the Department box, input the user's corrected work department. Click the 'Save' button to apply the change to the user's profile.

If you have any questions regarding user departments, reach out to Genea Support at any time at

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