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How do I issue a mobile credential?
How do I issue a mobile credential?

Learn how to assign mobile credentials to users. Genea can enable physical credentials, like keycards, or mobile keys for your smartphone.

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With Genea, issuing keys to users is a breeze! It is important to know that besides a full system Global Admin role, there are currently three tiered default sub-admin roles that can assign mobile credentials: Admin, Security, and User Manager.

Follow the steps below to learn how to add a mobile credential to a user's account.

1) Navigate to the user's profile. You can do this by either clicking on the 'Users' tab on the left side of your admin dashboard, or by searching for them in the general search bar at the top of your admin dashboard. Click on the user's profile.

Example: Username – Cassie Hayden

2) Once in the user’s profile, click the ‘+ New’ button located in the ‘Cards’ section.

3) Select Mobile Key under the Key Type, as it will be set to issue a physical keycard by default. Once selected simply add the key activation + expiration dates, and press 'Save' to assign the new key to the user.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can select check boxes 'Immediately' and 'Never' if you do not have a specific access date range set for the user.

4) The key will then appear on the user's profile page under their 'Cards' as Pending Download status, and the user will receive a notification email from informing them to download the mobile application and activate their new key.

5) Once the user has successfully activated their mobile key, it will then update from 'Pending Download' and now appear as Active’ status. The user can then begin utilizing their mobile key.

Learn how to unlock doors and gates with Genea mobile keys.

If you have any questions about assigning keys to users, please reach out to for assistance.

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