How do I add a new user?

Have a new user? Learn how to add them into your Genea system so they can access your property.

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If you utilize one of Genea's directory integrations, such as Okta or GSuite, your users will automatically be added to your Genea dashboard per your integration rules. But if you don't utilize a directory integration, or just need to add a user that is not a part of your company directory, no worries! Adding new users is super easy. To get started, follow the steps below. 

1) Click on the 'Users' tab in your Genea admin dashboard, and click the ‘+ New’ button.

2) Fill out the user's name, email address (required if the user will be issued a mobile key), phone number (optional), department (optional), employee number (optional), and cost center (optional). You will also need to select the user's location and access group(s). 

Selecting a Location or Locations

3) If your property has one location, the user's location will be automatically generated and you will not have to select the user's location. You will only need to select the user's access group(s). 

If your property has multiple locations and the user will need access to two or more, you can assign them to each necessary location. Select their primary location (where they will be stationed most of the time) from the drop down menu, and select their corresponding access group(s) needed for the site.

If the user needs access to a second location or more, click '+ Add Location.' Select the additional location(s), as well as the corresponding access group(s) needed for the site. 

Selecting an Access Group or Groups

4) To select an access group or groups, click on the 'Access Groups' drop-down menu. Click on the box(es) next to the user's needed access group or groups. 

5) Click the 'Save' button. Once saved, you will be redirected to the user's profile. From here, you can issue the user a key

If you have any questions about adding users to your Genea access control system, please send inquiries to

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