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How to Reissue An Existing Physical Credential
How to Reissue An Existing Physical Credential

Physical credentials, such as keycards and key fobs, can be reused and reissued to different users.

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Unlike mobile credentials which can only be redeemed and used by a single user, physical credentials can be reassigned to different users at any time. Follow the steps below to reassign a previously owned key to another user.

IMPORTANT: A physical key must first be deleted from it’s previous owner’s profile, before it can be re-provisioned to a new user.


If your property makes use of very few card formats and you know what specific format a given card has, you can simply add the card to its new users profile as though it were a new card. You'll just want to be sure to select the correct card format. If you provision a previously used card to a user with an incorrect card format, the card will not allow access, and you will see 'Deny Access - Card/PIN Deleted' events logged in your system activity log.


If your property utilizes multiple card formats and you are unsure of which specific format any given card may have, we recommend re-adding the keys using the following method. This will ensure that you do not duplicate an existing card with an incorrect format, and that the card format details are accurate.

1) If the key you are issuing has previously been assigned to another user, search for the card number using the general search bar at the top of you admin dashboard. The card number should appear within the search results. Click on the card number.

2) You will be directed to a page with the card details. From the ‘Select User’ drop down menu, search for the name of the card’s new user. After selecting the user, press the ‘Re-add’ button. 

If, after re-provisioning the given key, you still encounter 'Deny Access - Card/PIN Deleted' events associated with the key's former owners account, then its likely that you've re-added the key with an incorrect format. If you're sure that you've re-added the key with it's proper format, please contact for assistance.

If you have any questions about re-provisioning existing physical keys, please contact Genea Support at

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