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Customizing Your Activity Log View
Customizing Your Activity Log View

Learn how to hide or re-add data columns in your activity log.

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Is there specific data listed in your activity log view that is not relevant to your day-to-day operation? If so, you can hide irrelevant data columns from your activity log view. 

Your activity log columns include:

  • User Names 

  • Access Groups 

  • Departments 

  • Event Descriptions

  • Card/PIN Numbers 

  • Doors 

  • Times 

  • Actions 

  • Employee Number 

  • Cost Center 

  • Video Link

  • Camera Link 

User Names and Event Descriptions are mandatory, but if you so choose, you may hide any other data column that you would not like to appear on your activity log. To adjust your activity log view, follow the steps below.

1) Navigate to the 'Activity' tab in your Genea admin dashboard, and click on the 'Show/Hide Columns' button.

2) A drop down will appear that lists all activity logs columns. Any items listed with a blue check mark will appear in your activity log.

To remove a column, deselect the blue check mark next to the column name. You will see any deselected columns disappear from your activity log instantly.

To add a column to your activity log, click the box next to the column name. The blue check mark will appear, and the column will instantly appear in your activity log.

3) Click anywhere on your screen to exit the 'Show/Hide Columns' drop down list. Once you exit the list, your customization settings will be saved.

It is important to note that even if you choose to hide a specific column or columns, your system will still log and store all column data. This means that you can re-add a hidden column at any time to view event data.

If you have any questions about customizing your activity log view, you may send inquiries to

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