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How To Personalize Activity View
How To Personalize Activity View

Tailoring Activity Views: Column Reordering and Personalized Views

Written by Genea Developer
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What Is Activity View?

The Activity View captures user interactions and system changes, split into two main segments:

Access Logs: Displaying activities across a vast number of columns like Names, Access Groups, Departments, Event Descriptions, Card/PIN Numbers, Doors, Times, Actions and more.

Audit Logs: Detailing every system modification, from user actions to system-driven events.

Why Personalized Activity Views?

The sheer volume of data on the platform can often pose a challenge for users trying to prioritize vital information efficiently. The activity view columns include: Name, Department, Employee Number, Cost Center, Event Description and a lot more!

Users end up choosing from a large number of columns as the screen shot below illustrates:

While the option to select only the required number of columns helps to eliminate unnecessary information, it can be quite cumbersome to sift through and prioritize the most pertinent information.

How To Personalize Views With Column Reordering

Ability to Drag and Drop Columns to create personalized views.

Users can reorder columns by dragging and dropping the column headers to their desired positions. The column drag-and-drop feature allows users to customize their Activity View in a manner most intuitive to their workflow. This personalization can lead to quicker data interpretation and faster decision-making.

This Reordering is also available through the Column Selector, granting users another way of customization, ensuring they're not just viewing data, but managing it in a way that's most efficient for their roles.


Column orders are saved for every user individually so that the customizations are maintained when the user logs in again. This ensures that users don't have to redo their settings every time, creating a consistent, user-friendly experience across sessions.

Note: This feature is currently applicable to Mercury Access logs and Mercury AuditLogs V2 only.

โ€‹If you have any questions about customizing your activity log view, you may send inquiries to


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