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How to Use Your AUX Relay Controls
How to Use Your AUX Relay Controls

Remotely reboot or power down your system readers by utilizing your AUX Relay controls.

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Need to reboot one of your system readers? You might need to do so if your reader locks up and begins failing to recognize credentials, which can be caused by a number of factors including power related issues or a loose BLE module. 

With your Genea dashboard AUX relay controls, you can remotely power cycle the readers to restore full functionality. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: To take advantage of your remote AUX Relay controls, your reader power connection will need to be rewired through the AUX relay. This is a relatively quick process, but requires a licensed technician. Please contact Genea Support to schedule a technician visit if necessary. 

How to Use AUX Relay Controls

Only Genea administrators will have access to AUX Relay controls via their Genea Admin dashboards. If you need to reboot or power down one of your system readers, follow the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to the 'Control Center' tab in your Genea admin dashboard, and click on the 'AUX relays' section.

2) Every access control reader in your system will be listed under your AUX Relays, and you will have the ability to either perform a timed restart of your reader(s), or power them down for however long you choose by utilizing the 'On / Off' feature.


If you will not be performing extended maintenance on your system reader(s), you can perform a quick restart by utilizing the 'Restart' button(s). The 'Restart' button will turn off your reader(s) for 5 seconds before restoring power automatically. 

To perform a quick restart on a reader, find the reader that needs to be rebooted under the 'AUX Relay' column. Next to the reader, press the corresponding button under the 'Restart' column. 

After pressing the 'Restart' button, the button will temporarily turn blue while the reader reboots itself. After a few seconds, the button will turn gray once more, indicating that the reader has been successfully rebooted.


If you need to power down any of your system readers for longer than 5 seconds, you can easily do so by utilizing the 'On / Off' AUX Relay buttons. 

To power down a reader, find the reader that needed to be powered off under the 'AUX Relay' column. Next to the reader, find the corresponding 'On / Off' button. Click on the button and it will turn blue and read, 'On.' WHEN THE BUTTON IS LISTED AS, 'On,' THIS MEANS THAT YOUR READER WILL BE POWERED OFF. While powered off, you can perform safe maintenance on the reader. The reader will remain powered off until you choose to restore power.

To restore power press the 'On / Off' button once more. The button will once again turn gray and will read, 'Off.' WHEN THE BUTTON IS LISTED AS, 'Off,' THIS MEANS THAT POWER HAS BEEN RESTORED TO THE READER AND IT SHOULD BE POWERED BACK ON. Once power has been restored, the reader's LED light should come back on, and the reader should begin recognizing credentials and logging activity in your system logs once more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use the 'On / Off' AUX Relay function with caution! When you've powered a reader off, it will remain offline until you've pressed the 'On / Off' button to restore power.

If you have any questions about utilizing the AUX Relay functions, please send inquiries to

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