How do I revoke a credential?

Learn how to delete a credential from your Genea access control system.

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1) To revoke a credential, navigate to the credential user's profile. You may do so by searching for the user under the 'Users' tab within your Genea admin dashboard, or by searching for the user with the general search bar at the top of your dashboard. Click into the user's profile.

2) Under the user's 'Cards' section, find the specific credential you would like to revoke. Click on the 'Actions' option, then select 'Delete.'

3) A box will appear that reads, 'Delete Key.' If you are sure that you would like to revoke the key, press the 'Delete' button. Once deleted, the key will be removed from the user's profile and if they try using it to access your property, a 'Deny Access - Card Deleted' event be logged within your system activity log. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've revoked a mobile credential, the key will be permanently deleted and cannot be re-added to your system. 

If you've revoked a physical credential, such as a key card or fob, you can re-add the key to your system at any time and it can be re-used by any user of your choosing. To learn how to re-add or re-provision a card to a new user, click here.

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