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How do I read meters without a QR code?

If a QR code on the meter is either damaged, dirty or distorted and you are unable to scan the QR code, you can record the readings by manually entering the Asset ID of the meter.

Follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to Meters > All Meters from your mobile app.

2) Click on the QR code scan icon from the top of the screen.

3) Click on the Edit icon on the scanning page. and enter the Asset ID manually.

4) Take a photo of the meter reading as a source of validation and proceed.


Images captured via your Genea mobile app are temporarily stored in the device's local storage. Once the readings are uploaded to the server, the app makes sure to remove the images from the storage. It doesn't require deleting the images manually.

If you delete the meter images from your local storage before they are uploaded to the server, then the app will throw an error while uploading and the process will fail. So, it is highly recommended not to delete the images manually. If you see any meter images in your device storage, that means that those images and readings taken corresponding to the images are yet to be uploaded to the server.

5) Now enter the reading manually and click on "Save and Continue".

Why I am seeing a meter reading range warning?

Based on the monthly meter readings, Genea operates on an algorithm that sets a threshold of your meter reading based on its previous month's reading. If your meter reading unit abnormally increases or decreases from its previous month, the system will throw a range warning. In such a situation, it is suggested to get your physical meter checked by the installer.

Can I override the range warnings?

Yes, you can override the out-of-range warning. The warning is meant to alert the reader that the value is unexpected, but it is not designed to prevent the data entry that is needed when there are legitimate spikes or dips in the usage of utilities that are being metered. To override, you simply need to confirm that you see the warning and that you double-checked the read value.

This warning overrides will trigger a Genea Audit process, in which the Submeter Billing team will review the meter images against the meter reads, and thus provide an additional level of quality assurance that the meter reads have been correctly recorded.

I took meter reads, but the platform is not showing them

If you have taken the meter reading, but cannot find it on the platform, then it may be because your reading is not uploaded to the central server yet. Genea runs an automatic upload service every 5 minutes, but sometimes if the internet service is not available the upload job fails. Under such a condition you can either manually upload your readings to the server or let the upload happen in the next cycle by the system once internet service restores. Please note that mobile OS platforms require the mobile app to be running in the "foreground" for data uploads to complete successfully. To learn more read What do I see on the home screen of my mobile app? section.

Why do I have to enter the meter readings manually within Genea app?

In many cases, meter placement, availability of light, and the design of the front plate of the meter do not provide images with high enough quality for automated meter read recognition. Furthermore, meters with dials present a unique challenge in understanding the way they need to be read. For that reason, a human reader is going to be best positioned to understand the nuances of how meters are to be read. Submeter Billing mobile app will aid the human reader in providing the expected read ranges, so combining the two, human and technology, provides the best possible read accuracy.

What do I do with decimal numbers when entering meter reads?

You don't have to worry about decimal numbers, just enter all the digits from the meter display, ignoring the decimal point. We compensate for decimal digits via multipliers on the Genea Portal side, so that the billing is done correctly, and meter readers don't have to worry about misrepresenting the decimal point.

If you have any questions or need help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at or (866) 935-1557.

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