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Genea’s alarm management helps to deliver the alarm events from the access control system at the right time to the operators so that corrective actions can be taken on the received alarms. The requirements for alarm management for individual locations and doors can be configured differently for each alarm category under the Alarm Management “Settings” page.

Each alarm can be defined with different severities so that alarm data can be sorted based upon these criteria. Every alarm first falls under the "New Alarm" page, which requires acknowledgment. Operators need to acknowledge each alarm by adding a short report on why the alarm occurred and how was it resolved. Once the alarms are acknowledged, they move to the "Acknowledged Alarm" page. The acknowledgment note added to each alarm remains saved for future reference.

Alarm Management Settings

  1. Navigate to Alarm Management > Settings from the global view. Only Global Admins can manage the alarm management settings page under global view.

  2. You will see the list of alarm categories that are available from Genea. Each category contains multiple alarms. By default, all alarms under a category remain enabled and come with default severity levels, however, you can disable them at any time and change their severity levels.

    If you do not want any specific alarm to view under global alarm management, then you can exclude them from the list. To exclude alarms from the category, click on “Select Alarms”. Toggle the switch to disable a specific alarm. To change the default severity of the alarm, use the dropdown to change it.

    Click “Save and Close”.

    Please note that the alarms that you exclude from the specific category and the severity that you set are customer-wide settings and will be applied to all your locations on the global view.

  3. You can also exclude an entire alarm category from global alarm management for a specific location or door. To exclude a location or door, click on the excluded location and select the location and doors to be excluded. Click “Save and Close”.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When you exclude an alarm or location or door under alarm settings it means those alarms will not be available in the Global Alarm Management.

    However, every alarm will still log under the Activity tab of the individual location view.

All Alarms

Once alarm settings are saved for different locations by the global admins, alarms will start falling under all alarms pages.

New Alarms:

As per the settings done for different locations, the new alarms will list on this page. Each alarm falling under this page needs to be acknowledged by the operator.

If your cameras are linked with the Genea access control system, you’ll have the ability to view any access event or notification by clicking on the camera name against each event.

To acknowledge an alarm, click on “Acknowledge”, enter a short note stating the root cause of the alarm and how it has been resolved, and save it.

Acknowledged Alarms:

Once the alarms are acknowledged, they move from the “New Alarms” to the “Acknowledged Alarms” tab. Acknowledged alarms are the archive list of all alarms that have been attended by the operators. You can see the notes added against each alarm for reference.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Genea Support at

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