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Global Overview

Learn how to get a quick overview of all your locations, alarms, users, hardware, and more.

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How does Genea global overview work?

If you are having a Global Admin, Location Admin, or Security role in one or many locations associated with your Genea account, you will have permissions to view all the alarms, devices, user management, control center, and more - from multiple locations on the global overview.
1. Global Alarm settings and Global API Keys are accessible to Global Admins only.

2. Hardware is manageable by Global Admins and location Admins, which are within the scope of data view.

The global view is a unified space to get information at the global level, without requiring clicking back and forth into different locations to view their details.

Global Dashboard

With Genea, you can gain valuable insights into your different locations' access activities and device statuses by referring to your Global dashboard. Your dashboard displays very high-level information about your locations - average attendance from each location, the total number of offline devices, the total number of alarms across the locations, etc. Learn more about Global Dashboard.

Global Alarm Management

Within the Alarm Management page of Global overview, global admins, admins, and security can manage, filter, and export alarm data based on multiple locations. Learn more about Global Alarm Management.

Global Control Center

Global admins and location admins can remotely unlock or perform quick grants upon doors from locations they have access to via their Global Control Center page.

Security can perform remote quick grants via their Genea Global Control Center; however, they will only be able to remotely manage doors within their own access groups. Learn more about Global Control Center.

Global User Management

The fully searchable global user management gives you a list of users across all locations. You can filter this list to show users by location, status, and different attributes.

You can also add new users or export user data from your global UM.

Global Hardware

As a Global Admin or location admin, it is often important to know if all controllers and interfaces are operational or not. Where the global dashboard device health status table gives an overview of the devices, the global hardware page gives deeper insights on which all controllers or interface units are offline and since when. You can also see the status of all your doors across the locations and their statues.

Global API Keys

Genea provides a REST-based API to help you build integrations to automate and manage various aspects of your Genea locations. View our API doc to learn more.

A global API key can now be created from a global overview, that will work at your organization level.
More on how to create a Global API Key can be read here.

Navigating from Global overview to Location View

To navigate to a specific location from Genea global overview, simply click on the dropdown from the top left corner of the Global overview and select the location. You will be redirected to the location view.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Genea Support at

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