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Assign the Global admin role to members of your organization who need global access to all of your locations and data across your Genea system.

Giving too many users global access is a security risk and we recommend that you have between 2 and 4 Global Admins. Please note only a current system Global Admin has full access to grant another user permissions to become a Global Admin.

Genea’s admin roles fall into two categories: global permissions and location-based permissions.

  • Administrators with global permissions have access to information and/or settings that affect all of your locations.

  • Administrators with location-based roles have access to information and/or settings for specified location(s).

Permissions of a Global Admin

  • Full access to all locations under a customer.

  • Full access to newly added locations/resources.

  • Full access to all settings at all locations.

  • Full access to access control operations for all locations.

  • Full access to user management for all locations.

  • Full access to visitor management for all locations.

  • Full access to billing details for all locations.

  • Full access to global overview.

  • Full access to a safe workplace for all locations.

  • Full access to manage global-level API keys.

How to assign a Global Admin Role?

To make someone a Global Admin:

1. Navigate to the user profile, whom you want to make a Global Admin.

2. Select Preferences

3. Toggle the Global Admin option to enable the new role.

Important Notes:

1. A Global Admin will have admin rights to all of your locations. Location role for global admin cannot be changed.

2. If using directory integrations, the global admins will not be synced with your directory. The "Sync with directory" flag will be set to FALSE by the system. This is to prevent global admins from losing access roles.

3. When you remove someone from the global admin role, location rights without the access groups will be removed as well.

4. Only a global admin can manage another global admin.

If you need further assistance with adding a global admin for your organization, or if you'd like to share feedback, you can always reach the Genea Support Team via live chat in your Genea web app. You can also contact us via email at acsupport@getgenea.com.

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