Meter Read Upload Notifications

How to get notified when there are pending meter read uploads on your mobile device

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As of version 4.1.7 (both iOS & Android), meter readers can now be notified when there are meter reads on their device that are waiting for upload.

Why do my read uploads get stuck?

In order to reduce battery drain and data usage, both iOS and Android platforms place mobile applications in "sleep" or "background" mode when they are not actively running. The impact to the Genea Submeter Billing mobile up is that, if there are reads uploading or waiting for upload, they will be paused until the app is "active" again in the foreground. This "background" mode is an operating-system constraint that all app developers have to adhere to.

What can I do to avoid this?

Meter readers can enable push notifications that will remind them daily if there are any meter reads that are "stuck" on the device and waiting to upload.

To enable notifications on iOS:

  1. Open Settings app

  2. Tap Notifications

  3. Find and tap Submeter Billing app

  4. Enable notifications, and make sure that Lock Screen notification is enabled:

To enable notifications on Android:

  1. Open your phone's Settings app

  2. Tap Apps & Notifications and then Notifications

  3. Find the Submeter Billing app and tap on it

  4. Turn on the Show notification switch:

On some Android versions, you might have to follow an alternative set of steps:

  1. Launch the Genea Submeter Billing app

  2. Tap the "Home" button

  3. Tap Settings

  4. Tap Apps & Info

  5. Select Genea Submeter Billing app from "Recent" list

If you are experiencing any kind of issues with the push notifications, Genea team is always ready to help! You can reach us via the live chat, at or at 866-935-1557

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