Integration with Sumo Logic

Learn how to send data from Genea to Sumo Logic - A data analytics tool

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Sumo Logic is a data analytics tool which can help to analyse the data captured inside Genea better.

To connect Sumo Logic with Genea follow the following steps:
1. Login in your Sumo Logic account and look for "Manage Data" in the menu. Click "Collection".

2. You will now see the collection page. Click "Add collection" from the top right corner as shown in image above. It will open a new popup. Select "Hosted Collector"

3. A new form will appear. Fill the popup with desired values and click on Save.

4. A confirmation popup will appear. Click "OK".

5. You will now see list of apps. Select "HTTP Logs & Metrics".

6. It will open a new form. Write a desired name of the source and Click "Save" at the end of the form.

7. A HTTP Source Address will appear. Copy the address to use later in Step #10

8. Now, login in the Genea Access Control Application using an admin account. Navigate to Integration.

9. Scroll down to webhooks. Click the "Install" button

10. The webhook detail page will appear. Paste the URL copied on Step #7 here and click the Install button

You should now receive all data from the Genea webhook. If you only desire to use specific data from Genea webhook then you can use the Sumo Logic Field Extraction Rules to create rules to only save desired logs.

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