Property Management teams have two ways of viewing Tenant Metering Statements:

  1. Metering Statement pack for the entire building

  2. Metering statement packs for each tenant individually

To view and download a statement pack for the entire building:

  1. Navigate to "Submeter Billing" -> "Invoicing" and then

  2. Select either "Preview" or "Download Invoice" from the action menu

Hitting "Preview" will open the invoice statement pack for the entire property in the preview mode:

Metering Statements for each tenant individually

Instead of viewing the statement pack for the entire building, Property Managers can also view statements for each tenant individually:

  1. Navigate to "Tenant Invoices" in the "Submeter Billing" menu

  2. Select the year for which you wish to view the tenant statements

  3. Select a tenant from the list of all tenants, across all buildings that are under your management

  4. Hit "Actions" and select "Preview" or "Download" to view the statements

In case you need help understanding the metering statements, please see our article on How to Read Metering Statements

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