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How to mark the key active and inactive?
How to mark the key active and inactive?

This article outlines how to mark a user key as active and inactive

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There can be times when a user has lost his/her physical key or mobile device containing mobile keys. Genea gives the admins the ability to mark their key as inactivate to avoid any security crisis. Once, the key is marked inactive, the key cannot be used till the admin marks the key as active.

Below are the steps for admins to mark the key as activate
(formerly found) and inactivate (formerly lost) :

  1. Navigate to the user profile detail page and scroll to the card area or directly go to the Keys page and find the key

  2. Click on the action button against the key line item

  3. Click the Activate or Inactivate option as applicable.

    Action -> Activate | Card Status -> Active

    Action -> Deactivate | Card Status -> Inactive

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