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How to Edit a User's Role
How to Edit a User's Role

Learn where you can update a users role and where to search recent changes and activity.

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To edit a user's role, you will need to click on:

  • All Users

  • Search the user's name

  • Click on the user's name:

  • Scroll down to the Location Access section

  • Locate the correct building

  • Click Actions

  • Click Edit

  • Click the drop down box under "Role"

  • Select the appropriate role to assign

  • Click Save

If you need more information on tiered admin roles and their abilities, please refer to this article here.

Note: All changes made to user roles will reflect under the user's Audit Log as "Updated User (Name)".

You can find the user profile Audit Log at the bottom of the page.

Another area to locate the user role change that was made is via the building Audit Logs by accessing Activity > Audit Logs

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