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Getting ready to print employee badges
Getting ready to print employee badges

Learn how to setup printer and configure badges to print for each employee

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The Genea Badge Printing Suite allows admins to setup badge templates and types which can be printed any user with access to Genea User Management. The process to print badges consists of four major steps. The first two steps are for admins only. The last two steps can be carried out by any user with access to Genea User Management.

You should be able to use any printer to print badges. We have tested the badges on HID badge printers. If you are using any other brand printers and you find difficulties in printing the badge, please reach us out at for assistance.

After you have finish the above three steps and the printer drivers are installed and the printer is connected to the system, you can follow the below steps to print the badge

  1. Go to "Key'" page

  2. Find the physical keycard that you would like to print

  3. Click on "Actions" button and click "Print"

  4. You will now see the desired badge preview. Click the print button.

  5. The system print dialog box will now appear. Check for the following in the system dialog box

    1. Select the badge printer from the list

    2. Recheck the layout and change if required

    3. Select print on both side, if you have a double-sided badge

    4. Review the preview. If you see additional margin or page not fitting well then click on more settings

    5. You will see more options like paper size, scale and margin to update. Please select the desired values and review the preview.

    6. Click print once satisfied with the preview results.

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