Filtering Keys By Usage

Filter your data to determine which keys aren't being used at your property.

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For security reasons, you will always want to ensure that unused keys are deactivated within your system. Ideally you will deactivate keys if employees lose them or leave the company, but what if one key falls between the cracks? To keep track of unused keys, you can filter your data to see which keys have not been used within a certain timeframe.

How to Filter Keys By Usage

1) Navigate to the 'Keys' tab in your Genea admin dashboard, and click on the 'Filter' button. 

2) Check the 'Keys not used' box and input the number of days for which you'd like to see keys that have not been used at your property. 

3) Click the 'Apply' button to get your results. The results will include all keys that have not been used at your property within the set timeframe. IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that the filtered results may not be comprehensive. If users have both mobile keys and physical keys, your filtered results may not reflect if users primarily use one card type over the other.

If you have any questions regarding attendance filters, reach out to Genea Support at any time at

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