How to Deactivate A User

Once deactivated, a user will no longer have access to your office or community.

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If you need to revoke access for one of your users, you will need to deactivate their account in your Genea access control system. Once deactivated, all of their keys will cease to work at your property. To deactivate a user, follow the steps below.

1) Click on the 'Users' tab in your Genea web portal. Navigate to the user's profile.

2) Once in the user's profile, click on the 'Delete' button located in the 'User Profile' section.

3) A box will appear that reads, "Delete User." If you are sure that you'd like to deactivate the user, press the 'Delete' button. Once deactivated, the user's keys will cease to work and they will not be able to access your property.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Deactivating a user will not fully delete the user from Genea dashboard. In order to preserve a user's activity indefinitely, the user cannot be fully deleted, however they will no longer appear in your list of active users. In order to search for deactivated users, filter your Users list by 'Status' > 'Deleted.'

If you have any questions about deactivating users, please send inquiries to

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