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How do I enable or disable Genea system notifications?
How do I enable or disable Genea system notifications?

You can enable your Genea system to notify you when certain events occur on your property.

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If you are an admin, you can configure your Genea system to notify yourself or others when certain events occur on your property. You can currently enable notifications that alert you when:

  • Your hardware controller's internet connection goes down

  • Your hardware controller’s battery fails

  • Your hardware controller’s power supply fails

  • Card access denied events

  • When door is held open

  • When door is being forced open

Notifications are currently available via email, however you can receive these notifications via Slack or Microsoft Teams if you've enabled either of those integrations. Follow the steps below to enable notifications via email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only Admin administrators will be able to configure system alerts. Front Desk, User Manager, and Security sub-admins will not have the ability to configure system alerts.

1) Click on the 'Alerts' tab in your Genea admin dashboard. 

2) On the 'Alerts' page, you will be able to input which specific administrators or users should receive each given notification. 


Default Recipients will receive all available event notifications. If you have an admin or user at your property that will need to receive all notifications, input their email address in the 'Default Recipients' field and their email will be automatically added to receive all event notifications.

If you yourself would like to be notified when specific events occur at your property, instead of inputting your email address into every notification field, you may click the check box next to each notification type.


A user does not need to be an administrator in order to receive event notifications via email. You may choose to send event notifications to anyone with a valid email address. If there are other admins, sub-admins or users at your property that you would like to receive event email notifications, input their email addresses into each desired notification field.


As soon as a valid email address is input into an event notification field, the change is saved automatically. You do not need to press a 'Save' button to set the notification preferences into affect.

Not receiving your event email notifications?

If for some reason you, your fellow administrators, or your selected users are not receiving email notifications when a given event occurs at your property, please ensure that all emails have been input into the alert system with proper spelling. Also, check to make sure that the emails are not landing in a spam folder, and that your email system is able to receive emails from

If you have questions about Genea email event notifications, please feel free to reach out to us at

Sample Notifications

The following images show the types of notifications you will see for certain events if you've selected to receive them.

  • Door Acces Denied

  • Anti-Passback Violation

  • Door Held Open Alarm

  • Battery Backup Failure and Clear Slack Messages

  • Door Held Open Trigger Slack Messages

  • No Door Access Slack message

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